Department of Defense
Commercial Airlift Review Board (CARB) Approved
FAA Part 133 Rotorcraft External Load Operators
FAA Part 135 Air Carrier & Operator
FAA Part 137 Agricultural Operator
FAA Part 145 Repair Station Operator

All Rogers Helicopters mechanics are FAA certified Airframe and Powerplant mechanics. The majority of our pilots are ex-military and many are factory trained by the aircraft manufacturer on the various types of helicopters Rogers operates. Our mechanics have an average of 12 years of field experience maintaining helicopters and have experience maintaining, overhauling, and inspecting the Rogers fleet.

Each pilot employed by Rogers hold FAA Commercial and Instrument Certificates. The minimum qualifications for our pilots are 2500 flight hours of verifiable helicopter flight time, but the average level of experience is 3500 hours. Each pilot must complete annual ground, flight training, and evaluations in accordance with the FAR’s and FAA requirements for medical flight currency, state, and federal government certification.

Rogers was the first FAA approved helicopter company to incorporate the CTS (Computer Training System) into the ground training procedures. All pilots must complete the program annually. The program covers all phases of required subjects and is aircraft specific. The Chief Pilot and Safety Officer conduct ground schools annually to each pilot. Part 133, 135, 137, and USFS and OAS operational procedures are the required courses.

FAA Part 133 Certification: Rotorcraft External Load Operators

Our FAA Part 133 certification grants Rogers Helicopters the ability to utilize our helicopters to carry external loads for a variety of missions. Rogers routinely handles missions ranging from the placement of equipment such as air conditioners, building materials, and supplies on top of tall buildings or in remote locations. We can maneuver in places where conventional air carrier or crane operation is not a viable option. 

FAA Part 135 Certification: Charter-Type Services

Rogers Helicopters provides charter services that adhere to the regulations and standards of the FAA Part 135 certification.  This authorizes us to use our aircraft to move cargo and passengers. We can move critical personnel, supplies, and equipment to remote locations. This certification also requires us to adhere to strict standards for training of all our employees to ensure the highest level of safety for our passengers, pilots, personnel, and aircraft.

FAA Part 137 Certification: Chemicals and Agricultural Products

Rogers Helicopters maintains FAA Part 137 certification standards in support of agricultural operations. We can deploy substances for plant nourishment, soil treatment, propagation of plant life or pest control.  This certification also enables us to support activities that preserve forest areas.  

FAA Part 145 Certification: Repair Station Operators

Rogers Helicopters maintains mission readiness utilizing our FAA Part 145 certified maintenance operations.  This certification enables us to perform aircraft, airframe and engine maintenance, and approve those aircraft for return to service as soon as the maintenance has been performed.