Rogers Helicopters Fleet

Since 1962 Rogers Helicopters, a CPUC Certified Company, has provided services defined by our quality, safety, flexibility, reliability and creativity which have earned the company a reputation for excellence. Rogers has pioneered many early helicopter applications and continues to update out fleet with improved, next-generation equipment.

Rogers offers a diversified fleet of heavy, medium, and light lift helicopters along with our fixed wing aircraft. Rogers remains committed to providing quality service to our customers and can mobilize on a moment's notice for operations anywhere in North America.

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Astar Astar Astar Astar Astar Bell 407 Bell 212 Bell 212 Astar Bell 204B Bell 206B3 Astar Astar Astar Bell 206B3 Jet Ranger Flying Panels Bell 206B3 Jet Ranger Bell 206L3 Long Ranger Bell 212 Bell 212 water drop Bell Jet Ranger construction Bell 212 Bell 212 Bell 212 Astar Astar Astar Astar MD530F MD 530 MD 500D Bell 204 Bell 204 Bell 204 Bell 204 Bell 204 / Bell 206B3 Bell 204 Bell 204 Bell 204 Bell 204 Astar Astar Astar King Air Turbine Commander Astar Astar Astar Turbine Commander 690B Twin Star
Rogers Helicopters Main End