Fixed Wing and Charter Services

Rogers Helicopters, Inc. has been in the business of providing airplane and helicopter charter for over 50 years. Based at the Fresno Yosemite International Airport, we offer an all turbine powered fleet with experienced FAA and Airline Transport rated pilots.

Aircraft maintenance is performed in strict compliance with the standards of Federal Aviation Regulations by licensed, experienced mechanics.

Flight crews receive mandatory proficiency training and check rides regularly to ensure your safety. View Our Fleet. Passenger numbers below includes the pilot.

Rogers Helicopters Charter - Planes
  • 8 passenger Raytheon King Air A-100 airplane
  • 6 passenger Rockwell Turbo-Commander 690A/B airplanes
  • 4 passenger Bell JetRanger helicopters
  • 5 passenger Bell LongRanger helicopters
  • 9 passenger Bell 212 helicopters
  • 5 passenger Eurocopter Astar helicopters

We Take You Where You Want to Go - When You Want to Go

Providing safe, convenient, quality executive aircraft charter services that put you in control of your time.

For those individuals or businesses that can’t afford to allow delayed flights, missed connections, crowded terminals and lost baggage to disrupt their schedule, we offer another option.

Why Charter?

Rogers Helicopters flights allow you to make the most of your business day, your weekend, or your family vacation. We save you time and eliminate the frustrations of airline travel. Enjoy the convenience of driving right to your airplane. We will park your car, load your luggage and make arrangements for ground transportation at your destination if you like. Your wish is our command.

How Do We Save You Time

Rogers Charter Service Fresno

Rogers Helicopters operates on your schedule.

We don’t subject you to all the limitations associated with scheduled flights – crowded departure lounges, lost baggage, sitting in traffic miles from the airport worried whether you’ll make your flight. With Rogers there is no need to arrive two hours prior to your scheduled departure time as most airlines suggest. We’re not going to subject you to an embarrassing search or confiscate your personal items. No X-ray machines or metal detectors here.

Just relax and we’ll take care of everything. You are a respected professional. Let us treat you like one.

Key Benefits of Chartering

  • Arrive and depart when you want. Running late or done early? No problem; you set the schedule
  • Fly to airports that are closer to your destination, eliminating drive time on congested roadways
  • Save time spent at check-in, security screening, finding your gate, boarding, & waiting for baggage
  • Let us take care of ground transportation, hotel arrangements, or whatever else you may require
  • Be treated like a professional
  • Arrive rested and refreshed
Rogers Helicopters - Fixed Wing Services
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